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It is our pleasure to inform you, that Hungarian Tunnelling Association (HTA) is organizing the 1st Eastern European Tunnelling Congress in Budapest on September 18-21, 2012.
(EETC2011, Budapest). The idea was recommended to the East European Associations several times at the President meeting in Harkány November 08, 2011, in Dubrovnik, April 2011 and at the final discussion at WTC, Helsinki.
The common aim of EETC 2012 is to share our experiences and exchange our knowledge of design, construction management, research results and technical developments of tunnels completed by the regional associations and experts.
The planned regional sub European conference is open to all other co-organizers and participants as well as to those who having ongoing or completed projects, research works in this area.
I do hope that the planned collaboration of Eastern European associations will establish a biannual routine for EETC that will further facilitate the growth of this region's tunnelling industry and affirm professional relationships.

Tibor Horvath

Tibor Horvath
President of HTA


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