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EXTENDED TO 20 April 2012
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Extending the Kepler Mission:
New Horizons in Asteroseismology

The fifth KASC workshop will take place by the Lake Balaton in Balatonalmádi (Hungary) in an inspiring environment. By mid-2012 we will already know whether Kepler Mission is extended or not by NASA. In the first case we will have the opportunity to discuss the possibilities to benefit from the longer photometric baseline and plan our strategies for the coming years, whereas if the mission nears its end by that time, we can start thinking about the asteroseismic legacy of this fantastic endeavor, as well as about ways how to exploit better the unprecedented database we have. In any case Kepler has already helped to draw a completely new landscape for asteroseismic studies and through the latest results KASC members will present at the conference we expect to witness the emergence of new horizons for this rapidly evolving field.

LOC: Róbert Szabó (chair) and the KIK group

SOC: KASC Steering Committee and Working Group Chairs

NOTE: Only members of the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC) will be allowed to register and attend this meeting. Membership is open to anyone who signs a non-disclosure agreement (required by NASA) and joins one or more KASC workgroups. Please see the KASC webpage for details.