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International Society of Limnology
International Society of Limnology


Balaton Limnological Institute
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Centre for Ecological Research


Centre for Ecological Research,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Duna-Ipoly National Park

Duna-Ipoly National Park

Balaton-felvidéki National Park

Balaton-felvidéki National Park

Bakony-Balaton Geopark

Bakony-Balaton Geopark


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04 August 2013, Sunday
05 August 2013
05 August 2013, Monday
06 August 2013
06 August 2013, Tuesday
08 August 2013
08 August 2013, Thursday
09 August 2013
09 August 2013, Friday
Photos by: Tamás Thaler
05 August 2013, Monday
Opening - dance show
05 August 2013, Monday
Opening - speeches
Interview with Péter Bíró
Interview with Péter Bíró,
chair of the Congress
(in Hungarian)
Interview with Péter Kovács
Interview with Péter Kovács,
deputy secretary of the state
(in Hungarian)
Interview with Prof. Johan Grobbelaar
Interview with Johan Grobbelaar,
chair of the previous Congress

Congress Dinner - Arrival
Congress dinner

Congress Dinner - The show
Congres dinner
Equestrian show
Opening video
05 August 2013, Monday
Opening - welcome movie
by www.albafilm.hu
Videos by: László Pálos


Budapest welcomes the opportunity to host the 32nd Congress of the International Society of Limnology from August 4th to 9th, 2013, devoted to the theme of „Diverse water - rich life". This will be the second time such an event will be organized in Hungary, in the heart of Europe. The congress will take place at the Budapest Congress Center, and Hungarian limnologists are very proud of being chosen as the next venue.

Budapest is a city of water and spas, rendered magical by the Danube River connecting the nations and people of Europe. Hilly landscapes, long history, pleasant climate, rich cultural events, and music prove that the city is indeed a pearl of the Danube. An excellent conventional centre in a peaceful environment and conference hotels are awaiting the guests.

Budapest is one of the nicest cities in Europe, easy to reach, and famous for its hospitality, fine food, tasty drinks, and many historical and cultural sites of interest.

Hungary offers a wide variety of a waters, and participants will be invited to pay a mid-congress visit to selected areas, historical, and cultural spots of unique nature.


The Hungarian Organizing Committee




Details on the Congress Dinner can be read here >>

Welcome by Dr. Péter Bíró, Chairman of SIL2013 >>

Welcome by Dr. Sándor Fazekas, Minister for Rural Development >>


Abstract submission is extended to
15 March 2013 (expired)

Early bird payment is extended to
15 April 2013 (expired)

Final date for registration fee
payment for presenters

31 May 2013

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hotel reservation

31 May 2013




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