Customer Information

Dear Participant,

Please, read carefully the information and the content below.

The order

Diamond Congress Ltd. deals with organising scientific conferences and other meetings. Within this frame various service packages are offered to individual participants. For these service packages, participants pay registration fees. You may learn information on the offered services packages on the web site of the corresponding meeting where you are able to find detailed information on the following terms:

  • detailed description of the service package and the corresponding registration fee payable for the package,
  • information about the payable taxes and fees,
  • methods of payment, terms and conditions of participation and cancellation,
  • all other important information regarding the meeting

From the service packages offered, you are able to select which is the one that corresponds to your status and your needs. Please be informed about the terms and conditions of cancellation, as by the application for the conference (online registration) you accept the terms and conditions of participation and cancellation.

Acceptance of the offer, payment

If you would like to take part in the conference, and you accept the terms and conditions stated above, you should register via our online registration pages. After registering your e-mail address and setting your selected password, you are able to sign in. After filling in your personal details, you are able to select your own service package. If you choose bank card as a method of payment, the system will show you the summary of your charges (name and amount of the fees of your selected orders) and will ask for verification. After selecting the "OK" button, we redirect you to the payment surface of OTP Bank, where the payment is directly carried out.


During the registration process, we ask only the most necessary information for the database handling of the participants. We do not provide these data to a third person, unless they are essential and needed by the scientific organising committee. We proceed and handle your data in accordance actual legal regulation of data protection.

Questions, observations about registration

With additional questions, observations about registration, payment, please contact our office by the following contacts:

Tel.: +36 (1) 225-0210


Payment methods

Payment by credit card

OTPOTP Bank provides the possibility of secure card acceptance for the online registration system of Diamond Congress Ltd. (Diamond Professional Congress System) The card-processing system uses SSL protocol. Click the English website of OTP Bank Hungary Corp.

In case of credit card payment we redirect you to the payment surface of OTP Bank, where the payment is directly carried out, because the payment surface is not on the registration sites of Diamond Congress Ltd. The site of OTP Bank works according to the rules and safety standards of the international card companies.

Diamond Congress Ltd. does not have access to your card number expiry date, or any other data related to your account in any form.

Please, prepare your card for the payment by bank card!

You need the following data:

  • 1. Card number
    The card number is embossed or printed on the front with 13 to 19 digits.
  • 2. Expiry date
    The card is embossed or printed on the front with mm/yy format number.
  • 3. Validation code (CVC2/CVV2)
    The last three digits of sequence in the signature panel, on the back of the card: CVV2 or CVC2. If your card does not have this code, please, leave this field blank, you can find it on the payment surface.

In our registration system use can use the following types of bank cards:

  • VISA
    Visa (embossed)
  • MasterCard
    MasterCard (embossed)
  • AMEX
    American Express (embossed)
  • VISA Electron
    Electron (non-embossed)
    In this case, the card-issuing bank determines the online using of the bank card. If your Electron card-issuing bank permits online using of credit card, you can pay with your card in our system. For accurate information, please contact your card-issuing bank. The cards issued by OTP Bank are certainly acceptable.
  • Maestro
    Maestro (non-embossed)
    On the OTP Bank's online payment-surface, every Maestro card is acceptable issued by any bank. To be accepted, your card-issuing bank should support the Maestro card transactions for e-commerce usability. Please, contact your bank.

Verified by VISAIn order to increase the security of online card acceptance, OTP Bank introduced the Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code (VbV / MSC) service. The essence of the service is that the card-issuing bank provides some additional opportunity for the cardholder to indentify oneself. During the transaction it is checked and clearly identifies the person using the card.

MasterCard SecureCodeIf at your card-issuing bank this VbV /MSC service is not reachable or you did not require, the process of payment is not changing. The web shop redirects you to the site of OTP Bank where you can give the data of your card (number of the card, validation code, expiry date) and the payment is done.

If your bank has VbV / MSC service and you required it, the process of payment transaction will change. In this case you have to give the data of your credit card (number of the card, validation code, expiry date) on the payment-surface of OTP Bank. Following this, the Bank will automatically redirect you to the corresponding site of your card-issuing bank, where you have to implement the identification procedure. After the successful identification, the payment transaction is continuing and you will be notified on the success of the transaction, and then you are directed back into our registration system. If the identification process cannot be performed, the transaction fails.

Payment by wire transfer

All charges due to bank transfers have to be paid by the sender. In any case please bring the proof of payment with you to the registration desk.

Bank transfer in EUR has to be made to

Diamond Congress Ltd. – please always refer the conference name and your name/ID
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
Address: H-1015 Budapest, Széna tér 1/a.
International Bank Account Number  HU79 12010154 00175156 00200001

Bank transfer in HUF has to be made to

Diamond Congress Ltd. – please always refer the conference name and your name/ID
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
Address: H-1015 Budapest, Széna tér 1/a.
Bank Account Number  12010154 00175156 00100004

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