During our organisational work it is important for us to apply sustainable methods and materials. Our aim is to minimize our emission and to use as much recycled/recyclable raw material as possible. We try to ensure facilities to our guests to be environment friendly. To realize this vision we can count on our partners, too.

  • Using less paper, preference of digital data storage. Nowadays we can use mainly emails instead of the paper-based correspondence and our announcements can be distributed via the internet without printing.
  • Using recycled paper.
  • Responsible handling of the waste is important for us. Not only in our office, but we prefer to locate selective waste collection points at our conference venues.
  • Supporting the usage of public transportation, we always provide a map and eligible information how to avoid calling a cab. We promote alternative transportation possibilities, too (bike rental). On our conference websites public transportation route plans can be reached (between the conference venue and our conference hotels).
  • kornyezetbarat-reklamajandekokUsing energy savings bulbs. 
  • Providing environment friendly conference gifts to our attendees.