HUSK - Hungary & Slovakia

HUSK1 - Minerals and vineyards: Tokaj Mts. (Hungary) and Slanské vrchy Mts. (Slovakia)

Practical information:

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Pre-conference: 19.08.2010 Budapest (HU) - 21.08.2010 Budapest (HU)
  • Length: 950 km
  • Min. number of participants: 5
  • Max. number of participants:35
  • Field trip registration fee
    • Student/young scientist: EUR 40
    • Normal: EUR 80
  • Accommodation and meals cost: EUR 120

Leaders: Ferenc Molnár (Eötvös L. University, Budapest,, Stanislav Jeleň (Geological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Banská Bystrica)

Scientific focus (keywords): rhyolite; perlite deposits; obsidian ("marekanite"); dacite; illite deposits; precious opal deposits; zeolite deposits; low-sulphidation epithermal systems; mineralogical exhibitions; viticulture / viniculture

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Full field trip programme desription

Photo: Precious opal, Červenica-Dubník (SK)
Precious opal, Červenica-Dubník (SK)