Diamond Congress Ltd. is a reliable, steadily growing Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) working in the Hungarian meeting industry market since its incorporation of 1994 with vast experience both in international and domestic scientific, medical and corporate meetings.

We handle about a dozen of conferences annually, ranging in size from very few to several thousands of delegates. In the past – more than 20 – years we were able to build an excellent reputation in business amongst our customers and suppliers so that we can assure that our clients receive the highest quality standard services at reasonable prices. A long list of our references and satisfied customers testify that our company has always kept on focusing to achieve this goal.

We are a member of the European Federation of Professional Congress Organisers (EFAPCO) and the Federation of Hungarian Event Organisers, the only professional association of the Hungarian meeting industry.

A well trained and multi-language speaking team is about to offer you a full range of conference planning and staging services from bidding and planning through the very final accountancy and follow-up works of the meeting. We provide you assistance in the organisation of social activities of different kinds, co-ordination of hotel accommodation in various categories, registration requirements, exhibition, conference programme and publication, on-site services, and all other aspects of conference activities, tailor-made according to your imaginations.

The incredible development of information technology (IT) revolutionised the market we are operating in, so we invested a lot to create our own, fully integrated computer system to keep with the demands of our customers. Keeping touch and personal contacts with our clients and participants is at least as important, so we are always there to find the right mix of live contact and modern technology. In a time when machines are working replacing humans, personal attention is appreciated, and we will always be there to attend to your requirements or deal with your concerns, because that is what this business is all about.

Using our IT facilities do ease our work to take off a big load from your shoulders on the following areas:

  • maintain web sites,
  • e-mail service,
  • confirmation letters and mails,
  • handling and processing abstract and paper submissions with reviewing procedure,
  • managing database in registration, hotel reservation, exhibition and special events,
  • invoicing,
  • providing quick reports, budgetary and other information.

Our established connections in the business community, maintaining personal contacts, continuous investment to enhance development in human skills and modern technology provides a distinct advantage that guarantees the success of your meeting.

If you are planning a conference visit our references in the past or have a look at our upcoming events, do not hesitate to ask for our help and assistance and we will happily answer any quires or questions you may have. Looking forward to welcoming you among our partners.