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Sample and guidelines for abstracts

Abstracts will be published in the Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica Abstract Series (Szeged).

Participants are encouraged to submit papers for oral and poster presentations related to the topics of the congress. Abstracts will be accepted by the Editorial Board based on their scientific content and reviewed for language. Standard oral and poster presentations will be of the same scientific credit. The Scientific Board will select the papers for oral presentation; however, they will take authors' preferences into consideration. Please be aware that the final decision will be made by the Scientific Board.

Abstracts should be uploaded to the conference website via the registration site of the meeting, according to the instructions given here. Please send the abstract as a DOC file.

Deadline for abstract submission: 29 February 2012

Technical requirements
The presenting author should pay the registration fee until 19 March 2012 in order to be included in the scientific programme.

An abstract fee of 10 EUR is charged for each abstract submitted for the conference.


Preferred font type: Times New Roman or Times New Roman CE. Title: 12 pt, bold capital letters, left aligned. Leave one blank line after the title.

AUTHOR, A. (affiliation, address), AUTHOR, B. (Department of Clay Sciences, Clay University; Illite Square 10A, Mudstone City, Hungary), AUTHOR, C. (affiliation, address)

E-mail address of the communicating author
Author(s): 10 pt font size; family name with capital letters, after a comma give the initial(s) of the other name(s) only. Each author's name should be followed by his/her affiliation and address in parentheses. If two or more consecutive authors have the same affiliation, it should be given only once after the name of the last author of the same institution. Underline the name of the communicating author and give his/her e-mail address below the author's block. Leave one blank line after.

The abstract volume will contain one abstract per A4 page. The abstract should be typed into a frame 16 cm in width and 24 cm in height. Tables or figures should be set within this area. Only good quality black-and-white line drawings and photos are allowed. Size of text, symbols or labels within figures should be at least 1.5 mm in the final printed form. Abstracts that are too long will be shortened by the editors.

Text (10 pt font size) should be single spaced and justified. Indent each paragraph by 5 mm. Leave one blank line before subtitles (if any), but do not leave blank lines after subtitles. Subtitles should be indented and printed in bold.

References should be cited in the body of the text as follows: one author: (VICZIÁN, 1996), two authors: (TARAN & LANGER, 2000), more than two authors: (FRANUS et al., 2000). The template for the abstract format can be downloaded from the homepage of the Conference (abstract.dot).
References (10 pt font size) should be given under a subtitle as follows:

VICZIÁN, I. (1996): Földtani Közlöny, 126: 263–266.
TARAN, M. N. & LANGER, K. (2000): European Journal of Mineralogy, 12: 7–15.
FRANUS, W., MANECKI, A. & WIESER, T. (2000): Mineralogia Polonica, 31/2: 59-73.