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You are invited to submit papers in the field of the scientific programme. The abstracts are planned to be published in Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica, Szeged



  • mineralogy
  • crystallography
  • petrology
  • geochemistry
  • mineral deposits
  • applied mineralogy
  • clay mineralogy
  • archaeometry
  • history of science
  • open session


Plenary lectures


  • Kodera, P., Heinrich, C.A., Wälle, M., Fallick, A.E., Lexa, J., Bakos, F. (SLK):
    Au-porhyry systems and their oustanding fluid properties - example from the Biely Vrch deposit, Slovakia
  • Škoda, R., Novák, M. (CZ):
    Granitic pegmatites of the Třebíč Syenite Pluton, Moldanubian Zone, Czech Republic; an example of NYF to MIXED pegmatites related to the orogenic pluton
  • Ilinca, Gh. (ROM):
    Upper Cretaceous contact metamorphism and related mineralization in Romania
  • Walder, I. (Norway):
    CO2 mineral sequestration of mine waste and the potential for extraction of economic byproducts
  • Tóth, E., Weiszburg, T. (HUN):
    Asbestos: a review with special emphasis on natural Carpathian-Dinarid occurrences


Planned schedule

Thursday (Day 0, optional)
19 April 2011

One day pre-conference field trip to the Rudabánya ore deposit (NE Hungary, optional)

Evening: Arrivals, registration

Friday (Day 1)
20 April 2011

Early morning: Arrivals, registration

Full day scientific sessions
Morning: Plenary lectures
Afternoon: Lectures and posters
Evening: Conference dinner

Saturday (Day 2)
21 April 2011

Full day scientific sessions
Morning: plenary lectures
Afternoon: lectures and posters

Sunday (Post-conference, optional)
22 April 2011

One day post-conference field trip to the Slovak Ore Mts. (Slovakia, optional)

The scientific programme will cover mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, geochemistry, mineral deposits and their applications (e.g. environmental, industrial, archeometrical) in the Central-European region. An Open Session will also be organised for those who would like to present their results connected to the scientific domains, but not connecting geographically. The contributions will be presented in (limited) oral and in (extensive) poster sessions. Plenary lectures on special topics will be presented at the conference, details will be communicated in the Second Circular.