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The conference will be held in the Education Building of the University of Miskolc. This is a long, 4-stairs building in the style of the 1950's. The central area of the conference includes the University Galleries (poster sessions) and in its close vicinity the Lecture Hall No. I. and II. (Plenary lectures).

The Education Building is a part of the main building complex of the university campus. The conference place is just at one bus stop before the terminal station of local buses No. 12 and 22. In 9th March small road signs with "MSCC-CEMC 2012" will show the way to the conference place. The following chart shows the location of the closest entrance to the conference place.

Please click the map to enlarge!


Parking in the university campus is free, but please consider that it is usually overcrowded by cars during workdays.



There are two fast-food restaurants in the Education Building serving fast foods (pizza, hamburger, sandwiches etc.) and a limited variety of hot meal. The university restaurant from 11 A.M. until 2 P.M. offers Menu (soup and 2-3 kinds of meal; 890 HUF) and a self-service restaurant (cca. 900-1200 HUF/ plate) is also available there.



By train. Miskolc can be easily reached by train from several directions. From the Budapest Keleti (Eastern) international railway station intercity (IC) trains circulate practically in every hours to the Miskolc Tiszai railway station. Travel time is about 120 minutes. The price of a one way ticket is around EUR 12. International trains coming from Slovakia (Košice) stop in Miskolc.
For other directions please consult the http://www.elvira.hu/ webpage.

By car. Miskolc is on the radial motorway network of Hungary. The main road connections are part of the North-South intermediate road E71 (Košice - Split).
There is a direct motorway connection (M3 - M30) with Budapest (170 km).
GPS coordinates of the University are: N48.0816, E20.7668



By public transport: The Education Building of the university is just one stop before the terminal station of local buses No. 22 which cross the town in N-S direction. Its line crosses the tramway at the "Szemere street" stop towards the university. The tram (both lines 1 and 2) departs form the Tiszai railway station. There is a direct bus connection between the Tiszai railway station and the university by buses No. 31. Its trip takes about 30 minutes fro the railway station.
Bus/tram tickets shall be purchased in advance at tobacco shops or newspaper kiosks. The ticket for the bus costs 300 Hungarian Forints (1 Euro) and is valid for a one way trip; it must be stamped on the bus. Bus tickets can also be purchased at the bus/trams drivers for 400 Hungarian Forints.

By taxi: Taxi in Miskolc costs about 80 Eurocents/km. Cabs are available at the ralway station or in the city centre. The phone number of the taxi service is (+36) 46 333-333 or (+36) 46 555-555.


Public transport in Miskolc

The public transport network of Miskolc is operated by Miskolc Városi Közlekedési Zrt. The network consists of 2 tramlines running along the east-west axle and bus lines covering the whole city.

The main sights of Miskolc can be easily approached by public transport. It does not mean a problem if one would like to visit either Cave Bath or boating lake in Miskolctapolca, Hotel Palota, Lake Hámori or the waterfall in Lillafüred, Diósgyőr Castle or the renewed city centre by bus or tram.

In case we travel to the city by train, we arrive at Tiszai railway station.

  • From the railway station we can reach the city centre by trams number 1 or 2 without change only in 6-8 minutes.
  • We can arrive to Diósgyőr by tram number 1 in about 30 minutes - without change, either.
  • If we change from tram to buses number 5 or 15 in Diósgyőr, we can reach Lillafüred within 15 minutes. (Counted from Diósgyőr).
  • In case we would like to find the easiest way to Miskolctapolca, then we should take trams number 1 or 2 at the railway station, get off at the stop called Szinvapark and take bus number 2 at Centrum stop.

In case we travel to the city by coach, we arrive at Búza square.

  • City centre can be easily approached on foot from Búza square.
  • From the city centre we can travel to Diósgyőr within 20-22 minutes by tram number 1.
  • From Diósgyőr we can travel to Lillafüred by buses number 5 or 15.
  • Miskolctapolca can be reached from Búza square within 20 minutes directly by bus number 2.

One must buy a ticket to travel by bus or tram. We can do it either in advance in the ticket offices, or on board from the driver. We must get on the vehicle through the first door and leave the bus or tram through the back doors.

Types of tickets:

  • Single tickets are valid on the entire length of a bus or tram line, between two termini, for a single trip without changing.
  • Ticket books contain 10 tickets.
  • Day passes are valid between 0 and 24 hours on the day specified on all scheduled services of MVK Zrt., for any number of journeys within the administrative boundary of the city.
  • 3- and 7-day tourist tickets are valid from 0 hours on the starting day specified until 24 hours on the second or sixth day therefrom, on all scheduled services of MVK Zrt., for any number of journeys within the administrative boundary of the city.
  • Weekend family tickets may be used from Saturday 0 hours until Sunday 24 hours on the specified weekend, on all scheduled services of MVK Zrt., for any number of journeys within the administrative boundary of the city. The ticket may be sued by one or two adults and up to three children no older than 14 years if they travel together.