The Quality Policy of Diamond Congress Ltd.

“Finding the right mix of personal arrangement and modern technology
is a key issue in conference organisation. Listen and understand our clients’
requirements, uniting them with professional skills must lead into success.
That is what we believe in.”

We also believe that our efforts for continuous developments of our organisation and informatics will enhance our services in the future. Its main purpose is to sustain and increase the customer satisfaction of our business partners, participants and exhibitors.

A key issue in a successful event and conference organisation is that we collaborate only with reliable subcontractors, providing high quality services and for whom we can take full responsibility. For this reason, we continuously evaluate our suppliers meanwhile providing a feedback on the quality of their performance for the sake of a mutual successful co-operation.

The willingness and experience of our leaders and colleagues, the reliability of our subcontractors and the outstanding technical background all ensure that our jobs are fulfilled at the highest possible quality standard. Furthermore, the goal of Diamond Congress Ltd. is to work together with fellows who are devoted to quality, to put emphasize on their training, enabling them to meet their job requirements at the best expected quality.

The leaders make all efforts to ensure the resources in order to achieve all the necessary trainings and developments. Continuous development was one of the most important aims in the past. Since we introduced MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard, our company has been handling this aim among the priorities, so that we are able to meet the technical and organisational challenges of the 21st century, to maintain our current market position and also to increase competitive advantage.

One of the strength of our company is the own developed Diamond Professional Congress System (database handling software) which forms a base for the organisation of the today’s state-of-the-art technical and scientific conferences. Since its introduction, the system has been going through continuous updates in order to meet the demands of our customers in the broadest possible scale.

Diamond Congress Ltd acknowledges and considers all current laws and legal regulations as an obligation and has always been acting according to them in all phases during the organisational work. Besides, the company is willing to keep all the regulations by the co-operating partners. Our confession is always to provide a fair financial accountancy to our clients which forms the base of a long-term business partnership.

Attila Varga   Klára Láng
managing director,
responsible for quality assurance
  managing director