Data Protection Policy and Terms of Use


Please read the below Data Protection Policy and Terms of Use carefully in which document our company advises visitors to our homepage of the handling and protection of personal data and information as well as the conditions under which our homepage can be used. BY CLICKING ON THE ’I ACCEPT’ BUTTON, YOU PERMIT US TO HANDLE YOUR DATA AS BELOW AND YOU OBLIGE YOURSELF TO ADHERE TO OUR TERMS OF USE.

1. Handling of Data

1.1. Visitors (hereafter: Visitor) visiting the homepage may voluntarily register themselves and share personal data that can be used for identification. By sharing these data voluntarily, Visitor approve that Diamond Congress Kft., (hereafter: DC), the sole beneficiary, operator and maintainer of the homepage handle the data shared as below. Please make sure to keep your user name and password confidentially and avoid illicit access by third parties.

1.2. DC shall always handle, process and forward the data and other pieces of information shared by Visitor as per the applicable precepts of law, in line with them and as per the statements or positions of the Data Protection Ombudsman, in order to meet the above objective of data handling, only to the necessary measure and time, in a fair manner.

1.3. Visitor shall share true to life data during their registration. DC reserves itself the right of deleting false, not true to life data and pieces of information/registration from its data base. DC does not assume liability for the contents of the data shared by Visitor and disclaims any responsibility for damages to third parties arising from false, not true to life data content.

2. Use of Personal Data, Purpose of Data Handling

2.1. DC shall only and exclusively handle personal data and information put at its disposal in line with the reason of why Visitor shared their personal data with us (typically registration for conferences organized by the company), and shall only use them in order to communicate with Visitor, for meeting their demands. The purpose of data handling is to meet the information requests of Visitor, communication with Visitor and meeting the orders placed by them.

2.2. During the course of data handling, Visitor’s personal data are only handled by and shared with the employees of the company.

2.3. DC will only share your personal data with third parties on your permission or if our company is obliged to do so by precepts of law.

2.4. Your personal data are registered by the user name and password shared by you. Your registration is confirmed by an e-mail message sent to your e-mail address.

2.5. Visitor may freely amend or delete their data from the data base. Should you confront any technical or other issues in connection with this, your data can also be amended or deleted from the data base by employees of the company, on your request.

By registering for a particular conference and by accepting the terms of the present Data Protection Policy, you approve that DC share your name, company and e-mail address with the professional organization organizing the conference so that it could send you newsletters, conference related documents and information on additional conferences. Should you not want to receive further messages or newsletters from us or the professional organizer of the conference, please notify us at the address below so that we could delete you from the address list and advise the professional organization of your request.

2.6. Let us further advise you that, in order to compile statistics or records, DC may periodically collect mass data other than personal ones in a way that they cannot be connected to individual ID’s.

2.7. Let us further advice you that DC receives automatically registered data about Visitors to its homepage: IP address, domain name, date of visit, browser used and data of pages visited. These data are considered personal data provided they are real and can be connected to the person. DC will only use the personal data thus created for analyses related to the homepage and for statistical records and will delete such data after processing.

2.8. DC may eventually use cookies. Cookies are small data files that are transferred to the Visitor’s hardware tool during the use of the application and are used for identifying the sites/pages visited. The objective of Visitor when using cookies is to make the use of the website and its contents easier and to meet Visitor’s demands faster. Visitor may accept or decline the cookies by changing the settings of the browser used. Declining the use of cookies, however, may mean that Visitor will not be able to use all features of our website.


3. Protection of Personal Data

In order to protect and store personal data, DC stores user data on a safe server protected by firewall. It does not share them with third parties but it hereby advises Visitors that these data are accessible to server maintenance specialists, system administrators and IT specialists, however, it will handle these data confidentially and will not share them with third parties.

4. Links

The present Data Protection Policy exclusively relates to DC; the company does not assume responsibility for the content or data protection or data collection regulations of pages operated by third parties and eventually accessible from DC’s homepage or for the behaviour of such parties vis-à-vis such data.


5. Visitor’s Rights, Legal Remedy

5.1. Visitor has the right to:

  1. a) request information about the handling of their personal data and
  2. b) request the amendment or deletion of their personal data;
  3. c) request information from the data manager about the data handled by it or the data processed by a data processor contracted by the data manager, the purpose of data handling, its legality, duration, the name and address (headquarters) of the data processor and its activities in relation to data handling, further, about who and for what purposes has received or do receive such data.

5.2. Visitor may file a complaint against the use of their personal data if

  1. a) the use (sharing) of personal data exclusively serves the rights of the data manager or the entity to receive the data or if it is needed for the assertion their lawful rights,
  2. b) use or sharing of personal data serves purposes of directly soliciting business, conducting surveys, or scientific research;
  3. c) assertion of the right to complain is otherwise enshrined in acts of law.

5.3. Visitor may file a case in court in case of violation of their rights.

6. Terms of Use

6.1. Visitor may enter the company or conference homepages of their own volition. DC will do its best to guarantee the authenticity and timeliness of the data featuring on the homepage but Visitor may only use the information found on the homepage at their own risk.

6.2. DC continuously operates and maintains the homepage, however, it may be unavailable for brief periods due to unforeseen events. DC dose not assume responsibility for eventual direct or indirect damages to Visitor arising from the above.

6.3. Let us advise you that DC may amend or delete information featuring on the website.

6.4. DC does not guarantee that the use of the homepage will be undisturbed and seamless and does not assume liability or any kind of responsibility if Visitor’s personal computer system or the property of another person/entity sustains virus related damage arising from the use of the homepage, from access to or download of items found on the homepage. Visitor may only download content from the homepage at their its own risk.

Should you have questions or comments re our Data Protection Policy, please contact us at the following e-mail address:


Diamond Congress Kft.
8 Vérmező út, 2nd floor 4/a, 1012 Budapest, Hungary
Office: 28 Csalogány utca,1015 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 214 7698

data protection contact person: dr. Zsuzsanna Árva
(, +36203637567)
Company registration number for data handling NAIH-89669/2015.