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The European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA) and the PhD Programme in Management and Business Administration of Corvinus University invites you to the EDAMBA 2013 Annual Meeting to Budapest. The conference will primarily focus on doctoral supervision. Keynote speeches are covering the issues of standardisation of doctoral supervision, code of practice, managing and monitoring supervisors and supervisory teams, as well as the practice of other disciplines. Small group sessions provide the opportunity to share national practices and disciplines regarding doctoral supervision and to discuss the issues of supporting and measuring supervisory performance, reducing the drop-out rate and procrastination, as well as supervising international students.

The capital of Hungary and the19th century building of Corvinus University provides a lively and unique atmosphere as background to the conference. We hope that the EDAMBA 2013 Annual Meeting will be an exciting event for all of us to share our experience, ideas and will help further improve our doctoral supervision system.

Welcome To Budapest!

Pierre Batteau, President of EDAMBA
Agnes Zsoka, Local organizer