5 July 2015, 0th day
6 July 2015, 1st day

7 July 2015, 2nd day
8 July 2015, 3rd day

9 July 2015, 4th day


Photos by Lajos Varga


Budapest welcomes the opportunity to host the International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks from July 5th to 9th, 2015. This will be the first time such an event will be organized in Hungary, in the heart of Europe. The congress will take place at the Danubius Thermal Hotel Helia.

Budapest is a city of water and spas, rendered magical by the Danube River connecting the nations and people of Europe. Hilly landscapes, long history, pleasant climate, rich cultural events, and music prove that the city is indeed a pearl of the Danube. An excellent venue in a peaceful environment and conference hotels are awaiting the guests.

Budapest is one of the nicest cities in Europe, easy to reach, and famous for its hospitality, fine food, tasty drinks, and many historical and cultural sites of interest.

The Hungarian Organizing Committee