The first instance of the Lux et Color Vespremiensis symposium has been organized in honor of Dr. János Schanda Professor Emeritus by his colleagues and students 15 years ago. Since then this symposium has become an annual meeting point of specialists of colour and light that year by year more participants joined to share their experiences and problems.

In 2016 we organize Lux et Color symposium again. We think this would serve a nice occasion for colour and light specialists from Hungary and all around the World to meet and spend the two days of the symposium with up to par talks and exciting professional conversations. Our Symposium is a multidisciplinary event discussing each topic regarding colours and light.

We cordially invite to Veszprém from the 14th to the 15th of October, 2016 everyone who apply or research colours, coloured products, coloured lights, light sources or other corresponding fields.

Dr. Wenzel Klára
chair of the Conference
Dr. Cecília Sík-Lányi
co-chair of the Conference