Our Software (DPCS)

“Finding the right mix of personal arrangement and modern technology is a key issue in conference organisation.” This is an excerpt from our mission statement. Our intent was to create a congress orginising system which fundamentally takes advantage of the Internet, the new ways of communication, meanwhile being there any time for our partners when needed.

The required level of service is very high, competition is expanding, so we beleive that under these market conditions companies should differentiate. That is what we did. Using this programme offers lots and lots of help to our partners in all areas of the organisation of high level scientific conferences, should there be 50 or 5000 attendees.

Database screenshotAny possible service related to the scientific meeting can be arranged at the very same place from pre-registration, publication handling, registration, hotel reservation, financial arrangements, exhibition and scientific programme planning.

User friendliness is important, but confidential data handling bear key importance, too. Our software runs on a server computer behind more protecting firewall hardwares and softwares. Saved datas are stored via a secured connection.


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