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In March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our company started to broaden the scale of services, opening a window to the world of online conferences. Introducing our own solutions of information technology forged with our experiences of the past quarter century, we would like to offer the usual outstanding “diamond quality” to our customers also in the virtual space. Why not to devote a few seconds and to have a look at our short video?

e-Vent.Space ™©® was created on the base of the original idea of the co-workers of Diamond Congress Ltd., incorporating their organisational expertise throughout decades. Thereby they are subject to protected knowledge and certain elements are even protected by authors' rights. Please, respect the rights of our company, do not share your login parameters and do not make any screen shots on the contents.

When developing our services, the core aim was to virtualize as many functions as possible which can be found also in our conventional conferences. You can read the main features of our services below:

Virtual event services

  • Secured virtual space, password-protected login, access with pre-defined time frame
  • Display of talks in form of video presentation at our virtual event
  • Display of posters on an intuitive interface with a possibility of a short video introduction upon request
  • Discussion facilities for the participants and authors in online conferencing rooms or in a form of a text chat
  • Online exhibition area with new introduction and promotion opportunities for our conference supporters
  • Collection of all official copyright declarations and consents from authors to manage your event, meeting all necessary compliance regulations to ensure also a legally professional “virtual meeting centre”

We place a great emphasis to ensure the necessary communication channels for the representatives of the industry to maintain the contact with the academic partners. This relationship is extremely important to sustain the efficiency of R&D processes, enabling the researchers to learn about the latest laboratory techniques, devices and equipment. On the other hand, the feedback is also important for the manufacturers and distributors to measure the satisfaction of customers or commit survey to discover the needs of the market. A conference, either a traditional or a virtual one is a perfect tool to provide opportunity to support all these purposes.

We are certainly prepared not only to organise conventional or virtual conferences, but we also have solutions for the so called "hybrid" meetings where a traditional event is recorded and this video is streamed parallel to the programme. It is also possible to publish these videos, sharing it with our participants real time, with a time shift or at a later stage.

Just as usual, our aim is to support our partners in the management of conferences, workshops, even in the virtual space.

Do not wait until the end of the restrictions. Looking for a partner to assist to your event?

Contact us and let us make the future of the conferences together!

Attila Varga

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