Our services

There are so many various kinds of meetings (seminars, courses, workshops, conferences, congresses) and their organisations require different kind of approach, because they all have their own special needs demanding different arrangements. Our services are available to academic and medical organisation, research institutions, scientific societies and also governmental and corporate organisations. They are described and structured in the following matrix below.

Conference Management Structure

International Organising Committee/Scientific Standing Committe/ Advisory Board

Local Organising Committee

Diamond Congress Ltd. 

Bid Process

Abstract handling

Hotel service
Venue selection Proceedings handling Social programmes
Printing/mailing Registration arrangement Transportation
Exhibition arrangement Financial management On-site services


Bid process

Our services are at your disposal right from the initial bid. We lend a helping hand to you to

  • prepare the advertising material for the demanded meeting in form of prospectus, CD, video,
  • assemble the complete documentation for the proposal,
  • provide small presents accompanying the bid book,
  • assist in the presentation at the board meeting,
  • manage a stand on the previous meetings of the conference serial.

Venue selection

Appointing the suitable venue for the meeting is always a responsible decision. With our knowledge and experience at these places we will help you to choose the best available venue for your conference.


We undertake the design of your conference image both for printouts and Internet site. It is important how the leaflets, announcements, posters of the meeting look like. We ensure high quality printing for reasonable prices, and also assist you in distributing and mailing of circulars and other materials.

Exhibition arrangement

Most congresses and conferences are accompanied by a trade show or a technical exhibition, nowadays. We handle the booking and building of booths and spaces, and deal with the specific stand requirements of the exhibiting companies. We are also responsible for the financial co-ordination of the exhibitions. Insurance, freight handling, custom arrangement and other related technical jobs are arranged via our reliable subcontractors.

Abstract handling

Over the past years the development of IT forced us to start thinking about rationalising the collection of abstracts. So we invested in the technology and created our own online abstract submission programme via the Internet which enables

  • smooth collection of abstracts,
  • immediate confirmation of successful upload,
  • easy correspondence with authors,
  • access of committee members to abstract files and data via authorised login process,
  • access of reviewers to abstract files and data via authorised login process to decide about their acceptance,
  • categorisation of abstracts according to different topics,
  • creation of “accept-reject matrix” summarising the reviews,
  • forming a good database to send out notification to authors on acceptance.

Proceedings handling

Handling of full papers for the proceedings (volume or CD) runs similarly of that of the collection of abstracts. The programme enables:

  • smooth collection of full papers in two stages, the first one before the review procedure, the second one for camera ready publication,
  • immediate confirmation of successful upload of article files and reviews,
  • easy correspondence with authors and reviewers,
  • access of committee members to article files and data via authorised login process,
  • access of reviewers to article files and data via authorised login process to decide about their acceptance,
  • full evaluation procedure management via the web site,
  • creation of “accept-reject matrix” summarising the reviews and critiques,
  • sending out critiques to corresponding authors without naming the reviewers,
  • authors to upload the final version of their paper after the correction.

Registration arrangement

Our state-of-the-art computer system and designed software was created by professional representatives on both sides of computer technology and event organisation.

You can take advantage of the facilities provided by the online registration where participants can

  • register for the conference choosing the fee category,
  • register for the meals, tours and social event,
  • register their accompanying persons, and also book tours and programmes for them,
  • reserve accommodation in the selected category,
  • arrange credit card payment via a secure 128 bit SSL data channel.

Our registration service includes handling of incoming registration forms, full processing of payment and invoicing, packing of delegate bags, inserting badges, tickets for tours and social programmes and the entire onsite registration process.

Of course we undertake full correspondence with all delegates, responding to their queries, questions and e-mails regarding the conference.

Financial management

  • budgeting,
  • managing of accounts,
  • providing seed money for advance costs if not available,
  • payment of suppliers and subcontractors,
  • collection of registration and other fees, hotel charges, exhibition and sponsorship fees,
  • invoicing to participants,
  • handling and accounting of institutional support funds (EU, governmental sources, etc.),
  • preparation and evaluation of final accountancy to the organising committee or other boards.

Hotel service

We can ensure a wide range of accommodation facilities for the delegates from first class to budget hotels or university dormitories at reasonable and competitive prices. Our service on this filed includes

  • block reservation of accommodation,
  • price negotiations with subcontractors,
  • correspondence and confirmation to the delegates,
  • handling of problems and special queries,
  • collecting of deposits and processing payment to the hotels,
  • providing rooming list for the reservation office of the hotels.

Social programmes

Based on several years of experience, we can organise tailor-made programmes for the participants and their companions in Budapest and the countryside as well, regardless of having interest in tourist or historic attractions. We can offer various kinds of programmes should they be music, entertainment, catering or other.


We can arrange all transport requirements for the delegates including

  • airport – venue – airport transfer,
  • venue – venue transfer in case of multiple places,
  • transportation from and to hotels in case of tours and social events,
  • other conference shuttle services.

On-site services

We co-ordinate all jobs and operations at the conference venue including

  • conference room and related service management,
  • supervision of audio-visual and other suppliers,
  • setting up a terminal with E-mail and Internet connection,
  • catering management,
  • co-ordination of exhibition,
  • registration of participants, manning information desk,
  • distribution of registration and conference materials,
  • setting up boards for poster presentation and information,
  • assistance to speakers,
  • decoration,
  • guidance and problem solving.

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