Terms for Authors

Please, check carefully our terms and make sure that you, as uploading author, meet all criteria below. If you do not meet all the criteria, please do not upload your file. In case of any matters please contact us at diamond@diamond-congress.hu.


By uploading the files, the authors declare that there is no conflict of interest, i.e.:

  • the uploaded material is their own intellectual property (original work: not copied or plagiarised version),
  • no human or personal rights are infringed by the material, i.e. all photos, drawings, case studies have – if necessary – allowances from the subject
  • they are entitled for publishing, there are no impediments for publication.


The Uploading Author as corresponding author is responsible for:

  • having all necessary allowances, agreements from the co-authors for publishing,
  • registering as corresponding author, i.e. have all necessary authorization from all co-authors for taking decisions about the material (submitting, publishing to the conference etc.), and being the contact author.

Publications on the conference

At the virtual conference space we provide access to the presentation of videos, posters provided by the authors themselves (as well as abstracts or papers, as mentioned above) and product information by our exhibitors. This access is limited in time as it is announced on the information site of the corresponding webinar. Entering the conference area is available only by having a proper username and password combination which is generated randomly by the organisers and is announced by e-mail prior to the start of the event. A username is generated using user ID and the webinar's name and it is not originated from the e-mail address or other personal data. The password is never identical to the password of the database created by the participant.

In our terms we draw the attention of all participants that it is strictly forbidden to forward any material of the conference to a third person or to use the conference materials for business purposes or private goals. We refer to the fact that all these kind of activities are illegal and may be punished.

Please note that if published on the conference website, your material may be illegally accessed and forwarded to a third party for which acts Diamond Congress Ltd. may not be held liable and excludes its responsibility, as such kind of illegal activities are beyond its control.

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