Preliminary programme

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18 July

8:00-16:00 Registration
8:30-9:00 Opening Ceremony
Prof. Zabih Ghassemlooy,  Dr. Eszter Udvary, Prof. Imre Sándor and Dr. Lajos Nagy
9:00-09:40 Plenary talk 1 – Prof. Lajos Hanzó
Wireless Myths, Realities and Futures: from classic radio-frequency to visible-light and quantum-solutions


  • Performance Analysis of Entanglement-based Competition Resolution in Distributed Systems
    Márton Bérces; Sándor Imre; András Prakfalvi
  • Design of Hyperchaos-based Cryptosystem for Smart Cards
    Ilyas Benkhaddra; Mohammed Raouf Senouci; Krishna Busawon; Abdelkrim Boukabou; Abdelkader Senouci
  • Fairness-Aware Pattern-Based Multiple Access for Multi-Group Multicast Systems
    Rashed Alsakarnah; Jacek Ilow
  • Improving Error Resiliency of Sparse Code Multiple Access Using Precoding and Non-orthogonal Signaling Techniques
    Neil Irwin Bernardo

Optical Wireless Communications 1

    • Investigation of WDM VLC Using Standard 5 mm RGB LEDs
      Andrew Burton; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Izzat Darwazeh; Stanislav Zvanovec; Paul Anthony Haigh; Hoa Le Minh
    • Application of Visible Light Communication in an Industrial Environment
      Yousef Almadani; Muhammad Ijaz; Sujan Rajbhandari; Bamidele Adebisi; Umar Raza
    • A Complete Model for Underwater Optical Wireless Communications System
      Behnaz Majlesein; Asghar Gholami; Zabih Ghassemlooy
    • Infrared Mobile Transmissions for Smart Indoor Applications
      Thai Bang Hoang; Somasekhar Reddy Kandukuri; Stephanie Sahuguede; Anne Julien-Vergonjanne

Communication Networks Optimization 1

  • Simulation of Queuing Systems with Non-Full-Availability Server
    Slawomir Hanczewski; Michal Weissenberg
  • Mutual Overflow Policies Comparison in Multi-Service Environment
    Mariusz Glabowski; Przemyslaw Walkowiak
  • Concept of an Analytical Model for Cloud Computing Infrastructure
    Slawomir Hanczewski; Michal Weissenberg
  • Simulation-based Queueing Models for Performance Analysis of IoT Applications
    Georgios Bouloukakis; Ioannis Moscholios; Nikolaos Georgantas; Valerie Issarny
10:45-11:05 Coffee Break


  • Hyperspectral Data Compression by Using Rational Function Curve Fitting in Spectral Signature Subintervals
    Mersedeh Beitollahi; Abolfazl Hosseini
  • On the Selection of Channel Coding Schemes for Short Range UAV Wireless Links
    Rafał Krenz; Michal Sybis
  • A Novel Adaptive Channel Equalization Method Using Low-Complexity Variable Step-Size Partial Rank Algorithm
    Sayed A. Hadei; Abolfazl Hosseini; Nastaran Donyadide
  • On the Application of Quantization for Mobile Optimized Convolutional Neural Networks as a Predictor of Realtime Ageing Biomarkers
    Scott Stainton; Shaun Barney; Michael Catt; S.S. Dlay
  • Feature Specific Analysis of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Ageing Classification
    Shaun Barney; Scott Stainton; S.S. Dlay; Michael Catt
  • Complexity Comparison of Filter Bank Multicarrier Transmitter Schemes
    Husam Al-amaireh; Zsolt Kollár

Optical Wireless Communications 2

  • Comparative Study of Image Processing Performance of Camera-Based Visible Light Communication Using Android Acceleration Frameworks
    Hubert Dzieciol; Hoa Le Minh; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Tien Dat Pham; Son Tran
  • ROI Assisted Digital Signal Processing for Rolling Shutter Optical Camera Communications
    Alessandro Sturniolo; Navid Bani Hassan; Zhenyi Shou; Yingjia Huang; Giulio Cossu; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Ernesto Ciaramella
  • Rolling-Shutter-Based Optical Camera Communication Using Distributed LED Array
    Takuya Zinda; Kazuma Ito; Wataru Chujo
  • Impact of Camera Lens Aperture and the Light Source Size on Optical Camera Communications
    Navid Bani Hassan; Yingjia Huang; Zhenyi Shou; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Alessandro Sturniolo; Stanislav Zvanovec; Pengfei Luo; Hoa Le Minh
  • RGB Synchronous VLC Modulation Scheme for OCC
    Cristo Jurado-Verdu; Victor Guerra; Jose Rabadan; Patricia Chavez-Burbano; Rafael Perez-Jimenez

Communication Networks Optimization 2

  • A Modified Method for Point-to-Group Blocking Probability Calculation in Switching Networks with Call Admission Control Mechanisms
    Mariusz Glabowski; Maciej Sobieraj
  • On Call Blocking Probabilities and Resource Utilization in OFDM Wireless Networks
    Ioannis Moscholios; Vassilios G. Vassilakis; Panagiotis Panagoulias; Michael D. Logothetis
  • Simulation Studies of Characteristics of Full Availability Group with Generalized Traffic Classes
    Adam Kaliszan
  • A Convolution Algorithm for a Multirate Loss System with Poisson Arrivals and a Threshold Call Admission Policy
    Ioannis Moscholios; Vassilios G. Vassilakis; Georgios Bouloukakis; Panagiotis Panagoulias; Michael D. Logothetis
  • PAS: A Fair Game-Driven DBA Scheme for XG-PON Systems
    Christos Dalamagkas; Panagiotis Sarigiannidis; Ioannis Moscholios; Thomas Lagkas; Mohammad S. Obaidat
  • A brief survey and some discussions on chaos-based communication schemes
    K. Busawon, P. Canyelles-Pericas, R. Binns, I. Elliot and Z. Ghassemlooy
12:35-13:35 Lunch
13:35-14:15 Plenary talk 2 – Prof. George K. Karagiannidis
RF versus Lightwave Wireless Power Transfer: Research challenges and Future trends


  • Efficient Implementation of DCT-based MIMO Channel Estimation on FPGA
    Nima Safari; Richard Maiden; Xu Zhang
  • Signal Alignment in MIMO Y Channels with Two-way Relaying and Unicast Traffic Patterns
    Mahdi Attaran; Jacek Ilow
  • BER Performance Investigation of MIMO Underwater Acoustic Communications
    Pranitha Boddu; Hoa Le Minh; Nauman Aslam; Anjaneyulu Lokam; V Sandeepkumar
  • Volume Based Opportunistic Interference Alignment over Correlated MIMO IBC
    Fermin Maciel-Barboza; Leonel Soriano-Equigua; Cesar Azurdia; Samuel Montejo-Sánchez; Francisco R. Castillo-Soria; Carlos Gutierrez
  • Performance Analysis and Early Stopping Criterion for PA-BICM-ID over Frequency-Selective Rayleigh Fading Channel
    Maciej Krasicki
  • Level Crossing Rate of Ratio of Product of Two Rayleigh and One Nakagami-m Random Variable and of Ratio of Rayleigh and Product of Two Nakagami-m Random Variables
    Dragana Krstić; Mihajlo Stefanović; Mariusz Glabowski; Milos Peric

Optical Wireless Communications 3

    • A Cloud-assisted 57.6 Kbps Image Sensor Communication System Using a Smartphone Camera
      Xiaochen Nie; Zhengyuan Xu
    • UPWM-based Pulse Position Modulation for Optical Camera Communications
      Pengfei Luo; Tong Jiang; Paul Anthony Haigh; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Stanislav Zvanovec
    • Novel Indoor Localization System Using Optical Camera Communication
      Patricia Chavez-Burbano; Victor Guerra; Jose Rabadan; Cristo Jurado-Verdu; Rafael Perez-Jimenez
    • The Near-field Radiation Pattern of an OLED Panel and Its Application in Detection
      Xu Rui; Hanjie Chen; Zhengyuan Xu
    • A Survey on Recent Advances in Organic Visible Light Communications
      Zahra Nazari Chaleshtori; Petr Chvojka; Stanislav Zvanovec; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Paul Anthony Haigh
    • Performance Comparison of MIMO CAP Receivers in Visible Light Communication
      Kabiru Oluwaseun Akande; Funmilayo B. Offiong; Hussien Alrakah; Wasiu O. Popoola

Communication Networks Optimization 3

  • Hybrid Power-Line/Wireless Communication Systems for Indoor Applications
    Waled Gheth; Khaled M. Rabie; Bamidele Adebisi; Muhammad Ijaz; Abdurrahman Alfitouri
  • Experimental Evaluation of Channel Estimation and Equalisation in Non-Orthogonal FDM Systems
    Waseem Hazim Ozan Ozan; Hedaia Ghannam; Tongyang Xu; Paul Anthony Haigh; Izzat Darwazeh
  • Optimization of Power Consumption and Handover Margin of Sleep/Active Cells in Dynamic H-CRAN
    Reem Ahmed; Tawfik Ismail; Laila Fahmy; Naser Sweilam
  • Transmission Line Synthesis Approach to Extending the Bandwidth of LEDs for Visible Light Communication
    Temitope Odedeyi; Paul Anthony Haigh; Izzat Darwazeh
  • Analysis of Optimized Threshold with SLM Based Blanking Non-Linearity for Impulsive Noise Reduction in Power Line Communication Systems
    Waled Gheth; Ferheen Ayaz; Khaled M. Rabie; Bamidele Adebisi
  • Performance of Weibull and Exponentiated Weibull Fading in Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Systems
    Piotr Remlein; Tansal Gucluoglu; Eylem Erdogan
15:50-16:10 Coffee Break


  • A Concise Review on Internet of Things (IoT) – Problems, Challenges and Opportunities
    Laith Farhan; Rupak Kharel; Omprakash Kaiwartya; Marcela Quiroz-Castellanos; Ali Alissa
  • Distributed Power Allocation for UAV-Assisted Multi-User Relay Networks
    Jie Gong; Jingjing Lin; Tsung-Hui Chang; Chao Shen; Xiang Chen
  • Establishing the Flightpath of a Quadcopter Drone from the Relative Angular Velocity of the Four Rotors
    Peter Harrington; Wai Pang Ng; Tianrong Chen
  • Wireless Power and Communication Transmission for Industrial Robots
    Matjaz Rozman; Bamidele Adebisi; Khaled M. Rabie
  • Performance Evaluation of Maritime VDES Networks with OPNET Simulator
    Kyoung Min Kim; Yunmin Kim; Youngil Cho; Kwanyoung Moon; Seunghyun Choi; Jae Woo Kim; Tae-Jin Lee
  • Receiver Parameters Effect on Underwater Optical Wireless Communication Performance in the Presence of Transmitted Gaussian Beam
    Zahra Vali; Asghar Gholami; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Masoud Omoomi

Optical Wireless Communications 4

  • On the Usage of Machine Learning Techniques to Improve Position Accuracy in Visible Light Positioning Systems
    Pedro Fonseca; Reem Mohamed; Andre Gradim; Luis Nero Alves
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Impact of LED Power Uncertainty on Visible Light Positioning Accuracy
    David Plets; Sander Bastiaens; Nobby Stevens; Luc Martens; Wout Joseph
  • Influence of Transmitter and Receiver Orientation on the Channel Gain for RSS Ranging-Based VLP
    Nobby Stevens; Heidi Steendam
  • Experimental Evaluation of the Precision of Received Signal Strength Based Visible Light Positioning
    Willem Raes; David Plets; Lieven De Strycker; Nobby Stevens
  • A Range Free Localization Method for Overlapped Optical Attocells Using Neighbor’s Information
    Fabian Seguel; Ismael Soto; Nicolas Krommenacker; Patrick Charpentier; Pablo Adasme
  • Impulsive Noise Evaluation on PLC-VLC Based on DCO-OFDM
    Dennis Kubjana; Alain Richard Ndjiongue; Thokozani Calvin Shongwe

Communication Networks Optimization 4

  • Evaluation of IPv6 Transition Mechanisms Using QoS
    Mark Jacobi; Samir Al-Khayatt; Luke Smith
  • Licensing Options for Virtual Network Functions in Telecommunications Cloud Environment
    Attila Gábor Hilt; Gábor Járó
  • Spectrum Allocation in Next Generation Radio Networks Using Emerging Nature-inspired Algorithms
    Thomas Tegou; Katherine Siakavara; Spiros Nikolaidis; Sotirios Goudos; Dimitrios D. Vergados; Panagiotis Sarigiannidis; Mohammad S. Obaidat
  • A New Clustering Algorithm for an Energy Efficient WSN That Monitors HVTTs: Modified Multi Clustering
    Abdullah Kurtoglu
  • Throughput and Range Performance Investigation for IEEE 802.11A 802.11N and 802.11Ac Technologies in an On-Campus Heterogeneous Network Environment
    Piyush Dhawankar; Hoa Le Minh; Nauman Aslam
  Welcome Reception, BBQ Party – conference location

19 July

8:30-16:00 Registration
8:30-9:10 Plenary talk 3 – Prof. Andreas Stöhr
Integrated Microwave Photonics (iMWP) for 5G Mobile Networks


  • Availability Improvement of Optical Networks with Self-Healing Nodes Designed by Architecture on Demand (invited)
    Branko Mikac, Matija Dzanko
  • Highspeed Hierarchically Routing – a Practical Approach of Single-Clock Routing
    Marian Ulbricht; Philipp Dockhorn; Christian Liß; Jens Wagner
  • Providing Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Services for 5G with Unattended Datacenters
    József Varga; Attila Gábor Hilt; Csaba Rotter; Gábor Járó
  • Comparison of Curve Fitting Method for Hyperspectral Data Classification with Nonlinear Based Feature Extraction Methods
    Maryam Sadighi Tehrani; Abolfazl Hosseini; Batoul Zarezardeini
  • Probabilistic Constrained Approach for Clustering in Multi-Cell Wireless Networks
    Pablo Adasme; Ismael Soto; Enrique San Juan; Fabian Seguel; Nicolas Krommenacker

Optical Wireless Communications 5

  • Modeling and Throughput Analysis of FSO Systems Using GBN-ARQ and AR Transmission over Atmospheric Turbulence Channels
    Hoang Le; Vuong Mai; Chuyen T. Nguyen; Truong Cong Thang; Anh T. Pham
  • Concept of a Fiber-Based Laser Beam Tracking System for a Free Space Optical Link
    Peter Barcik; Marek Novak; Ales Dobesch; Zdenek Kolka; Otakar Wilfert
  • Characterization of Poisson Channel for Deep Space FSO Based on SNSPD Technology by Experimental Demonstration
    Hristo Ivanov; Erich Leitgeb; Gert Freiberger
  • Implementation of an OWC Channel Emulator in FPGA
    Luis Rodrigues; Luis Nero Alves; Luis Duarte; João Pandeirada; Ales Dobesch; Lukas Janik; Marek Novak; Otakar Wilfert
  • Spatial Interpolation of Optical Wireless Impulse Responses
    Victor Guerra; Julio Rufo; Jose Rabadan; Rafael Perez-Jimenez

Microcoll 1

  • Optimization of Power Budget in RSOA Based Mm-Wave Radio-over-Fibre Access Network
    Dávid Kóbor; Eszter Udvary
  • 5G Wireless Test Network Design at BME
    Lajos Nagy; Zoltán Szalay
  • Indoor Propagation Measurements for 5G Networks
    László Csurgai-Horváth; Bálint Horváth; István Rieger; József Kertész; Bernard Adjei-Frimpong
  • Enhancing the Microstrip Antenna Gain Using a Novel EBG Lens Based on a Single Layer
    Yahiea Al-Naiemy; Taha Elwi; Lajos Nagy
  • Design and Analysis of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Antennas Based on Metamaterial
    Yahiea Al-Naiemy; Lajos Nagy
  • Application Protocols and Wireless Communication for IoT: A Simulation Case Study Proposal
    Lucas Novelli; Luisa Maria Garcia Jorge; Paulo Melo; André Koscianski
10:45-11:05 Coffee Break


  • Comparison Between FastICA and InfoMax for the Blind Separation of Audio Signals
    Enrique San Juan; Ismael Soto; Pablo Adasme; William Gutierrez Pezoa; Lucio Cañete Arratia; Carlos Meléndez; Fabian Seguel; Ali Dehghan Firoozabadi
  • Sound Source Localization by Proposed Subband Adaptive GEVD Algorithm Based on GammaTone Filter Bank in Undesirable Acoustical Conditions
    Ali Dehghan Firoozabadi; Hugo Durney; Ismael Soto; Miguel Sanhueza Olave
  • Access-independent Cloud-based Real-Time Translation Service for Voice Calls in Mobile Networks
    Máté Ákos Tündik; Attila Gábor Hilt; Gergő Bóta; Loránd Nagy; Kalle Luukkanen
  • FIR Filter Design Based Neural Network
    Dhulfiqar Alwahab; Dhafer Zaghar; Sándor Laki
  • Design Issues of Energy-Efficient Access Methods for Cellular IoT Networks
    Andrzej Duda
  • A Secure Scheme for Group Communication of Wireless IoT Devices
    Bashar Ahmed Alohali; Vassilios G. Vassilakis; Ioannis Moscholios; Michael D. Logothetis

Satellite and Space Communications

  • New Results on Symbol Rate Estimation in Digital Satellite Receivers
    Barbara Suesser-Rechberger; Wilfried Gappmair
  • Multi-User Detection Performance Demonstrator for Realistic High Throughput Satellite Systems
    Karin Plimon; Johannes Ebert; Nemanja Stamenic; Harald Schlemmer; Màrius Caus; Wilfried Gappmair; Martina Angelone; Alberto Ginesi
  • Interference-Dependent Performance of Multi-User Detection in High Throughput Satellite Systems
    Karin Plimon; Johannes Ebert; Wilfried Gappmair; Martina Angelone; Alberto Ginesi
  • Practical Implementation of Link Adaptation with Dual Polarized Modulation
    Anxo Tato; Carlos Mosquera; Pol Henarejos; Ana Isabel Pérez Neira
  • Ka-Band Signal Statistics Derived from a Commercial VSAT
    Franz Teschl; Matthias Binder; Lorenzo Luini

Microcoll 2

  • Comparison of Tunable Microwave Bandpass Filters
    Bence Cseppentő; Tibor Berceli; Zsolt Szabó
  • Route Planning for Mobile IoT Devices
    László Csurgai-Horváth; János Bitó
  • Wide Band Match for High Q Radio Transceivers
    Attila Zólomy; Zoltan Vida
  • Multi-band Match for High-Q Radio Transceivers
    Zoltan Vida; Attila Zólomy
  • Practical Realization Rules for Wideband Impedance Matching Using the Double-Terminated Filter Synthesis Method
    Balazs Matolcsy; Attila Zólomy
  • Accurate 3D-Tracking System for Wireless Indoor Personal Positioning
    Mahsa Asadi; Shabnam Sadeghi; Amin Kargar; Ali Mahani
12:35-13:35 Lunch
13:35-14:15 Plenary talk 4 – Prof. Thomas Zwick
Millimeter Wave Transceivers for High Volume Applications

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Test of Vehicle Positioning by Triangulation with Infrared Signal-Direction Discrimination
    Wern-Yarng Shieh; Ti-Ho Wang; Jia-Qian Shen
  • Evaluating the Benefit of a Smart Scheduler in a Non-Cooperative, Multi-User Heterogeneous Wireless ITS Environment
    Cristian Roman; Peter Ball; Shumao Ou
  • Cross Layer Approach for Neighbor Node Selection in VANET Routing
    Mahadev A Gawas; Manas Mulay
  • Reducing Noise Pollution of Emergency Vehicle Sirens with an Early Warning System
    David Cervinka; Omar Salih; Zahir Ahmad; Sujan Rajbhandari
  • On the Design and Deployment of Multitier Heterogeneous and Adaptive Vehicular Networks
    Shuja Ansari; Tuleen Boutaleb; Sinan Sinanovic; Carlos Gamio; Ioannis Krikidis, Milica Petkovic

Biomedical Engineering and Electronics & Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications

  • Investigation of Tear Drop Flared Tipped Antenna for Therapeutic Microwave Ablation
    Eman G. M. I. Hassan; Haifa Takruri; Amira I Zaki; Martin Hope
  • On RF Telemetry for Implantable Medical Devices: A Communication Theory Perspective
    Mohamed Saeed; Tawfik Ismail; Hassan Mostafa
  • Extreme Learning Machine Approach for Blood Glucose Estimation
    Bingo Wing-Kuen Ling
  • Data Pre-processing and Model Selection Strategies for Human Posture Recognition
    Shumei Zhang
  • A Novel Model for Continuous Cuff-less Blood Pressure Estimation
    Yuhan Dong; Jinbo Kang; Yue Yu; Kai Zhang; Zhide Li; Yongzhi Zhai

R&S instrument exhibition

15:35-15:55 Coffee Break


  • The First 15 Years of SEFDM: A Brief Survey (invited)
    Izzat Darwazeh; Hedaia Ghannam; Tongyang Xu
  • Experiment for Non-Interfering Coexistence of Non-Orthogonal SEFDM Signals and LTE
    Tongyang Xu; Izzat Darwazeh
  • SEFDM: Spectral Efficiency Upper Bound and Interference Distribution
    Hedaia Ghannam; Izzat Darwazeh
  • Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11A 54 Mbps WEP Multi-Node Laboratory Links
    Jose Pacheco de Carvalho; Hugo Veiga; Claudia Ribeiro Pacheco; Antonio Reis
  • Coexistence Mechanisms for LTE and Wi-Fi Networks over Unlicensed Frequency Bands
    Moawiah Alhulayil; Miguel López-Benítez
  • Distance-Preserving Mapping with Euclidean Distance for 4-Ary PAM
    Thokozani Calvin Shongwe; Theo G. Swart; Hendrik C Ferreira
  • BPSK-OFDM Versus QFSK-OFDM in Combating the Effects of Narrowband Interference and Impulsive Noise in Power Line Communication
    Abiola Bolaji; Thokozani Calvin Shongwe

Optical Wireless Communications 6

  • A Spiking Neural Network with Visible Light Communications
    Mircea Hulea; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Sujan Rajbhandari
  • Energy-efficient Modulation for Visible Light SCMA System with Signal-dependent Noise
    Shuping Hu; Qian Gao; Chen Gong; Zhengyuan Xu; Rubén Boluda-Ruiz; Khalid A. Qaraqe
  • Resource Allocation for Visible Light Communication Using Stochastic Geometry
    G V S S Praneeth Varma; Abhinav Kumar; Gvv Sharma
  • Implementation of a Low-Cost Vehicular VLC System and CAN Bus Interface
    Vicente Matus; Cesar Azurdia; Sandra Céspedes; Pablo Ortega; Samuel Montejo-Sánchez; Javier Rojas; Ismael Soto
  • Investigating the Optimal SCL Decoding Algorithm for Polar Codes in Ultraviolet Communication
    Lin Ai; Min Zhang; Dahai Han; Wenxiu Hu; Xuetong Liang; Zabih Ghassemlooy
  • Visible Light Communication at 50 Mbit/s Using a Red LED and an SPAD Receiver
    Dinka Milovančev; Johannes Weidenauer; Bernhard Steindl; Michael Hofbauer; Reinhard Enne; Horst Zimmermann


  • UF-OFDM Based Radio over Fiber for 5G Millimeter Wave Small Cell Radio Access Network
    Hum Nath Parajuli; Julien Poette; Eszter Udvary
  • Using Tunable Dispersion-Compensated Modules to Overcome the Power Penalty of a Millimeter-Wave Opto-electronic Oscillator Signal That is Distributed via a Passive Optical Network for 5G Networks
    Mehmet Alp Ilgaz; Bostjan Batagelj
  • Tunability of Millimeter Wave Carriers Generated by Optically Mixing Two DFB Lasers on Glass
    Nisrine Arab; Lionel Bastard; Julien Poette; Robert Horvath; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
  • Optoelectronic Mixing with Photoconductive Switch and Semiconductor Mode-Locked Laser
    Robert Horvath; Jean-Francois Roux; Julien Poette; Cabon Béatrice
  • Polarization-Insensitive Radio-over-Fibre Receiver Based on a 3X3 Coupler for C-RAN Back-Hauling in 5G Networks
    Bilal Hussain; Giovanni Serafino; Eduardo Avendano Fernandez; Francesco Fresi; Paolo Ghelfi; Luca Potì; Antonella Bogoni
  • Modulation Index Study of a Cost-Effective Solution for CRAN Architecture Based on Coherent Radio-over-Fiber Backhaul
    Eduardo Avendano Fernandez; Giovanni Serafino; Bilal Hussain; Francesco Fresi; Antonella Bogoni; Ana Maria Cardenas Soto; Neil Guerrero Gonzalez
  • Multi-core Fiber Based Mm-Wave Generation, Radio-over- Fiber, and Power-over-Fiber
    K. M. Hasanuzzaman; Stavros Iezekiel
18:15–21:15 River Cruise & Banquet

20 July

8:30-12:00 Registration
8:30-9:10 Plenary talk 5 – Prof. Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
Big Data Integration

Photonic Communications Systems and Networks

  • Joint Polarization, Frequency Offset and Phase Tracking Based on Extended Kalman Filter in Coherent Optical Systems
    Yanfu Yang; Wen Jiang; Qun Zhang; Qian Xiang; Yao Yong
  • Hybrid RoF-RoFSO System Using Directly Modulated Laser for 24 – 26 GHz 5G Networks
    Jan Bohata; Matej Komanec; Jan Spacil; Stanislav Zvanovec; Radan Slavík
  • Application of Conventional G.652 Optical Fibers with Increased Evanescent-wave Overlap for Detection of Liquids
    Matej Komanec; Tomas Nemecek; Dmytro Suslov; Michal Vidner; Stanislav Zvanovec
  • Time Delay and Gain Reduction in Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
    Jacque W D Chi

Optical Wireless Communications 7

  • Outage Probability Analysis of RF/FSO-VLC Communication Relaying System
    Milica Petkovic; Aleksandra Cvetkovic; Milan Narandžić
  • Performance of Space Shift Keying over a Correlated Gamma-Gamma FSO-MISO Channel
    Richa Priyadarshani; Anshul Jaiswal; Manav Bhatnagar; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Stanislav Zvanovec
  • M-ary ASK Modulation in FSO System with SIMO over Log-normal Atmospheric Turbulence with Pointing Errors
    Mahmoud Yasser; Tawfik Ismail; Atef Ghuniem
  • Ergodic Capacity Optimization of FSO Systems over Gamma-Gamma Atmospheric Turbulence Channels with Generalized Pointing Errors
    Rubén Boluda-Ruiz; Antonio Garcia-Zambrana; Beatriz Castillo-Vazquez; Carmen Castillo-Vazquez; Qian Gao; Khalid A. Qaraqe
  • FSO Communication for High Speed Trains: Blind Data Detection and Channel Estimation
    Mohammad Taghi Dabiri; Seyed Mohammad Sajad Sadough; Mohammad-Ali Khalighi

Optical Fiber Sensors 1

  • Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Perimeter Security Applications (invited)
    Bo Lin; Jing Cheng
  • High-sensitivity Fabry-Pérot Strain Senor Based on Fusion Splicing Photonic Crystal Fiber and Single Mode Fiber
    Liu Haifeng; Bo Liu
  • Behavior of Cross Polarisation on Radio over Fiber
    Nada Badraoui; Tibor Berceli
  • Multi Point Strain and Temperature Sensing Based on Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
    Tao Chen; Xiang Xu; Nageswara Lalam; Wai Pang Ng; Peter Harrington
10:30-10:50 Coffee Break

Green Communications and Networks

  • LQOR: Link Quality-Oriented Route Selection on Internet of Things Networks for Green Computing
    Laith Farhan; Rupak Kharel; Omprakash Kaiwartya; Marcela Quiroz-Castellanos; Siew Hon Teay
  • On the Energy Consumption Forecasting of Data Centers Based on Weather Conditions: Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Approach
    Georgios Smpokos; Mohamed A Elshatshat; Athanasios Lioumpas; Ilias Iliopoulos
  • Investigation into Impulsive Noise Techniques for a G.FAST System
    Israa Al-Shaikhli; Cornelius Healy; Martin Johnston; Charalampos C. Tsimenidis
  • Optimal Threshold Calculation for Improved Impulsive Noise Mitigation in the Frequency Domain
    Israa Al-Shaikhli; Ghanim Al-Rubaye; Martin Johnston; Charalampos C. Tsimenidis
  • Energy Efficiency Maximization for MISO Systems with Total and Per-antenna Power Constraints
    Yuhan Dong; Yuanyuan Tang; Kai Zhang; Xiang Chen
  • Statistical Characterization of Noise for Power Line Communications Channels: Field Measurements
    Erhan Baycan; İbrahim Halil Ertürkler; Mahmut Sami Saraç; Serhan Yarkan

Optical Wireless Communications 8

  • PHY Error Models for Ns-2 Simulation of FSO Packet Networks over Turbulence Channels
    Le Van Cong; Phuc V. Trinh; Truong Cong Thang; Anh T. Pham
  • Non-Orthogonal Multi-band CAP for Highly Spectrally Efficient VLC Systems
    Paul Anthony Haigh; Petr Chvojka; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Stanislav Zvanovec; Izzat Darwazeh
  • Performance Characterization of Vertical Underwater VLC Links in the Presence of Turbulence
    Mohammed Elamassie; Murat Uysal
  • VLC Systems with Fixed-Rate Transmissions Under Statistical Queueing Constraints
    Marwan Hammouda; Jürgen Peissig
  • Characterisation and Interference Model of Contemporary Artificial Light Sources Noise on a VLC Channel
    Mariam Galal; Wai Pang Ng; Ahmed Abd El Aziz; Richard Binns
  • A White Light Communication Model Based on Fluorescence Decay Process
    Qiqi Pan; Shangbin Li; Chen Gong; Shuang Liang; Zhengyuan Xu

Optical Fiber Sensors 2

  • Tapered No-Core Optical Fibre for Oxygen Sensing
    Qiang Wu, Rahul Kumar, Dejun Liu, Jinhui Yuan, Shengpeng Wan, Xingdao He, Jun Zhou, Yuliya Semenova, Gerald Farrell, Wai Pang Ng, Yong Qing Fu, Richard Binns, Zabih Ghassemlooy, Chongxiu Yu
  • Cellular Dimensional Microsensing in Fiber Optics with Picoliter Sample Volume (invited)
    Nan-Kuang Chen
  • In-Fiber Sensing Structures Inscribed with Femtosecond Laser (invited)
    Xuewen Shu
  • Three-arm Windmill Plasmonic Nanoantenna Polarization and Symmetry-Dependent Optical Characteristics
    Jun Zhou; Qiang Wu; Mian Wang
12:20-12:45 Closing Ceremony