25 August 2016, Thursday
 26 August 2016, Friday
27 August 2016, Saturday
28 August 2016, Sunday

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is our great honour and pleasure to invite you all to participate in the 12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference organized in Budapest, Hungary. This biennial congress series traditionally brings together scientists from Europe and all over the world interested in biological nitrogen fixation and related fields. This conference series was initiated in Szeged, Hungary, in 1994. After the collapse of the socialist system (the Eastern Block), new processes were launched in order to establish a united Europe. In line with these changes, an idea was born to launch this series of conferences providing opportunities to scientists and particularly to young ones from any European country to take part in this important aspect of academic life. The value of the ENFC series has been proven over the years. The actual scientific programme of the ENFCs always kept the „classical” topics of the nitrogen fixation research but also brought in new ones reflecting novel directions and approaches, thereby attracting a wide range of participants. Furthermore, support enabling the participation of young people has been maintained ever since.

We wish to continue the traditions by providing travel grants for young microbiologists and by dedicating sessions to new topics such as the interface of symbiotic/pathogenic interactions as well as the commonalities and specialities of symbiotic interactions. Satellite meetings, such as one on the biological nitrogen fixation in non-legume environments, will provide extra benefits for ENFC participants.

The combination of these events will provide unique platforms to share and discuss latest scientific achievements on nitrogen fixation and the molecular interaction between plants and symbiotic microorganisms. We look forward to welcoming you in Budapest, Hungary in August 2016!

The local organizers
Éva Kondorosi Attila Kereszt Gabriella Endre      
Péter Kaló
BRC, Szeged
Inst. of Biochemistry       
BRC, Szeged
Inst. of Biochemistry        
BRC, Szeged
Inst. of Genetics
NARIC, Gödöllő
Dept. of Genetics