12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference
 12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference

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FEMS Young Scientists Meeting Grant

As a sponsor of ENFC2016, FEMS offers to support the attendance of approximately 20 Young Scientists.


FEMS is a federation of microbiological societies in Europe. It brings together 52 member societies from 36 European countries, covering around thirty thousand microbiologists. Members can apply for fellowships, grants and/or support when organising a meeting. FEMS facilitates exchange of scientific knowledge to all microbiologists in Europe and worldwide by publishing five microbiology journals and organising a biennial congress for microbiologists around the world. It also initiates campaigns such as the European Academy of Microbiology (EAM) and the European Microbiology Forum (EMF).

FEMS requires that a Young Scientists Meeting Grantee is:

            * A member of a FEMS Member Society, confirmed by any officer of her/his society,

            * Less than 36 years of age at the closing date of the meeting,

            * An active microbiologist and

            * A presenting author of the abstract.

The Young Scientist is to be granted approximately 300 €.

If you are eligible, and wish to apply for the FEMS Young Scientists Meeting Grant, fill out this form and send it to enfc2016@gmail.com, together with a copy of the abstract, a copy of your ID, and a statement on why you believe you should be selected.

Deadline: 15th April, 2016