12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference
 12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference

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We cordially invite your company to consider sponsoring the 12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference that will be organised in Budapest, Hungary, August 25-28, 2016. This biennial congress series traditionally brings together scientists from Europe and all over the world interested in biological nitrogen fixation and related fields, working both on symbiotic bacteria and plants.

The conference covers the „classical” topics of the nitrogen fixation research like Regulation of nitrogen fixation, Functioning of the rhizobium-legume symbiosis, or Signal perception and transduction, etc.; but also brings in new ones reflecting novel directions and approaches of the field such as Biological nitrogen fixation in non-legume environments, The interface of symbiotic/pathogenic interactions, Evolution, diversity and ecology, etc.; thereby attracting a wide range of participants. Special support targets the participation of young people to bring together entrant and proficient scientists in the meeting. The keynote lecture will be given by a scientist member of EMBO. The presentation of the novel international prize of Academia Europaea, the Adam Kondorosi Award will also be held in this conference for the first time that indicates the high standard of this meeting. This conference provides exhibitors more than 24 hours over the three days to contact with about 350-400 attendees.

Scientists working on this colourful research field employ wide varieties of modern techniques of cellular and molecular biology including different imaging and in vivo experimental methods. All branches of genomic approaches are also regularly applied to shed light on the genomes of these agriculturally useful organisms and the nature of genes required for the biological nitrogen fixation. To reveal the biological function and interactions of the encoded proteins a wide range of biochemical methods are commonly utilized as well.

We believe that this conference is a great opportunity to gain visibility and offers an excellent place to promote your latest products and helpful services to interested specialists and young scientists.

We appreciate your support and recommend to survey our sponsorship opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that your contribution and attendance at ENFC 2016 will help to organize a successful conference.


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