Patrons & Committees


Prof. Dr. Ildikó Horváth Minister of State Secretary for Health Care, Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary

István Tarlós Mayor of Budapest, Hungary



Prof. Dr. Béla Merkely
Rector of Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary


Dr. Zoltán Balogh PhD President of Organising Committee (CHHP President)

Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD (FOHNEU President)

Mari-Anne Anttila (FOHNEU Board Member / Finland) (FOHNEU VP)

Dr. Julie Staun OBE,  PhD (FOHNEU Board Member / Denmark)

Valérie van Gulck (FOHNEU Board Member / Belgium)

Dr. Katalin Papp PhD (CHHP Board Member / Hungary)

Lívia Szobota (CHHP Board Member / Hungary)



Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD President of Scientific Committee (FOHNEU President)

Dr. Zoltán Balogh PhD (CHHP President)

Prof. Dr. Károly Cseh DSc. (invited by CHHP / Hungary)

Dr. Alfonso Meneses Monroy PhD (FOHNEU Board Member / Spain)

Dr. Paula Naumanen PhD (invited by FOHNEU / Finland)

Prof. Dr. OiSaeng Hong PhD (invited by FOHNEU / USA)

Dr. Styliani Tziaferi PhD  (FOHNEU Board Member / Greece)


The 7th FOHNEU International Congress is compliant with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.
The reference number: EMT14887