Tuesday, 23th of April, 2019

Pre-congress tour – optional programme

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Wednesday, 24th of April, 2019 – Room Magnolia


Registration, Poster viewing & Exhibition


Opening Ceremony

Dr. Zoltán Balogh,
President of CHHP

Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi,
President of FOHNEU

Prof. Dr. Ildikó Horváth,
Minister of State Secretary for Health Care, Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary

Dr. Gábor Bagdy,
Deputy Mayor of Budapest


Morning Coffee Break, Poster viewing & Exhibition


Dr. Julie Staun OBE, PhD (Denmark)

Zero Harm and Vision Zero – Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Work
Dr. Jukka Takala,
President of International Commission on Occupational Health



Workforce health = national health. Building sustainable health workforces and celebrating nursing across the WHO European Region
Dr. Ledia Lazeri,

Head of World Health Organisation (WHO) Country Office


Buffet lunch, Exhibition & Poster Session


Dr. Zoltán Balogh PhD (Hungary)

The added value of occupational health
Prof. Anne Harriss,

Course Director Occupational Health Nursing and Workplace Health Management programmes at London South Bank University

Healthy workplaces manage dangerous substances EU-OSHA campaign–results and experiences in Hungary
Katalin Balogh,

National Focal Point, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Occupational medicine in Hungary
Prof. Dr. Károly Cseh,
Institute of Public Health, Semmelweis University, Department of Public Health


Coffee break, Poster viewing & Exhibition


Session 1.
Göte Mölleby (Sweden), Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD (Hungary)

Occupational health nurses and public health nurses collaborating to improve the health of the nation
Prof. Elizabeth Reifsnider, Gail Hock, Erlinda Singarajah, Jasmine Bhatti, Angela Chen

Demonstrating the value of occupational Health Nursing programs
Dr Patricia B. Strasser

Role of OHNurses in the dissemination of the European „healthy workplaces” campaign in Micro and Small Enterprises
Valerie van Gulck, Godderis Lode, Vandenbroeck Sofie

Can we value health? Are there economic benefits from establishing a corporate midwife service at Oslo University Hospital?
Trude Sjøholt-Hawkins

Pre-employment medical consultations by occupational health nurses of mensura: A pilot project in the temporary work sector in Belgium
Lieve Mussen, Alicia Paluch


FOHNEU Honorary Membership Award Ceremony


Welcome reception

Thursday, 25th of April, 2019 – Room Magnolia & Room Jasmine

Room Magnolia


Poster viewing & Exhibition


Chair: Margaret Morrissey (Ireland)

The wake up call
Prof. Vicki Culpin,
Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School, United Kingdom

Working conditions and workers’ health and wellbeing in the EU
Jorge Cabrita,
Research manager, European Foundation, Working Life Unit


Parallel Session 2.
Chair: Mari-Anne Anttila (Finland), Lívia Szobota (Hungary)

Workplace health promotion over the years: An overview
Dr. Patricia B. Strasser

A new framework for worker well-being
Chia Chang, Ramya Chari, Steve L Sauter, Elizabeth L Petrun Sayers, Jennifer L Cerully, Paul Schulte, Anita L Schill, Lori Uscher-Pines

A correlation study of nursing staff depression and anxiety levels between pediatric and adults intensive care units
Alexandros Douvanas, Maria Kapritsou, Styliani Tziaferi, Vassiliki Karra, Anastasia Papaioannou, Maria Kalafati

Participatory approaches for workplace improvements on mental health and job performance among hospital nurses in Japan
Dr. Etsuko Yoshikawa, Toru Yoshikawa, Yuriko Takeuchi, Yumi Sano, Akiko Yuasa, Kazutaka Kogi

Lifestyles associated with health loss in workers: a longitudinal study into the work health promotion
Dr. Manuel Romero-Saldaña, Carlos Álvarez-Fernández, Maria Dolores Aguilera-Lopez, Rocío Jiménez-Mérida, Rafael Molina-Luque, Álvaro Álvarez-López, Manuel Vaquero-Abellán, Guillermo Molina-Recio, Alfonso Meneses-Monroy, Rocío De Diego-Cordero, Beatriz Herruzo-Caro


Coffee break, Poster viewing & Exhibition


Parallel Session 3.
Valérie van Gulck (Belgium), Dr. Katalin Papp PhD (Hungary)

An organisational approach to occupational health and wellbeing in the national rehabilitation hospital Ireland
Rose Curtis, Jacintha More O’Ferrall

Determination attitudes and knowledge of nursing students in occupational health and safety
Ayşe Dost, Melek Nihal Esin, Emine Aktaş, Nihal Sunal

Infection prevention and prevention at work hand in hand
Bianca Kints, Marleen Lambrechts,  Katrien De Grez

Flu vaccination coverage
Elda Colino

Health professionals’ health condition
Dr. Katalin Papp PhD, Radó Sné, Zsuzsa Nagyné H., Erzsébet Jakabné H., Géza Nagy

Health risk awareness among healthcare professionals
Lívia Szobota, Dr Zoltán Balogh PhD


Buffet lunch, Exhibition & Poster Session


Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD (Hungary)

Health promotion for older workers
Prof. Panayota Sourtzi,
Professor in Occupational Health Nursing, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Nursing, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Multinational Education and Research Collaboration in Occupational Health Nursing
Prof. Dr. OiSaeng Hong,
Professor & Director of PhD Program, Director, Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing graduate Program
University of California San Francisco (UCSF), School of Nursing


Afternoon Coffee Break, Poster viewing & Exhibition


Parallel Session 4.
Chair: Mari-Anne Anttila (Finland), Dr. Bálint Bánfai PhD (Hungary)

The prevalence of needlestick and sharps injuries among healthcare workers in Turkey: A systematic review
Azize Karahan, Melek Nihal Esin

Global vision about needlestick injuries
Prof. Luis Mazón-Cuadrado, Prof. Rosa Maria Orriols, Elda Isabel Colino Romay, J. Cordoba

The situation with regard to needlestick accidents among health workers between 2006 and 2018
Dr. Zoltán Balogh PhD, Tamásné Babonits, Dr. Henriett Éva Hird PhD, Eszter Pitás, Erika Adamik Lászlóné Sinka

Occupational accidents in a large tertiary hospital in Athens
Virginia Bourna, Georgios Papadakis, Venetia Notara, Evangelos Alexopoulos

Importance and challanges of first aid training at work
Dr. Bálint Bánfai PhD, Prof. Dr. József Betlehem

Implementation of first aid in a company
Johan Decoster

Room Jasmine


Parallel Session 5.
Dr. Alfonso Meneses Monroy PhD (Spain), Geert van Gent (The Netherlands)

Health problems of hairdresser apprentices living in urban city Istanbul
Dr. Emine Aktaş,  Prof. Melek Nihal Esin

The prevention of psychosocial complaints in a bank – insurance company: well being project
Elise Pierlet

Assessment of environmental health and knowledge of silicosis among dental technicians
Anett Kollányi-Láng, Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD

Working conditions in immigrants workers in Spain: A qualitative study
Rocío de Diego Cordero, Juan Vega-Escaño, Manuel Romero-Saldaña, Alfonso Meneses-Monroy, Antonio Moreno-Pimentel, Araceli Santos-Posada

Health assessment of taxi drivers in the city of Miskolc, Hungary
Attila Gajdos, Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD

International Commission on Occupational Health
Araceli Santos Posada, Gema Arévalo Alonso


Coffee break, Poster viewing & Exhibition


Parallel Session 6.
Dr. Styliani Tziaferi PhD (Greece), Pilvi Österman (Finland)

Study of management practices for the prevention of occupational diseases in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Quebec
Fara Randrianarivelo, Adel Badri, François Gauthier, Bryan Boudreau-Trudel

Which is the best criterion for detection of noise-induced hearing loss? New indices for the comparison between standard threshold shift criteria
Manuel Romero-Saldaña, Carlos Álvarez-Fernández, Alfonso Meneses-Monroy, Carlos Álvarez-López, María Dolores Aguilera-López, Beatriz Herruzo-Caro, Javier Gracia-Rivera, Guillermo Molina-Recio, Javier González-Caballero, María Angeles Almenara-Angulo, Rocío De Diego-Cordero

Development, implementation and evaluation of a low back pain prevention program
Dr. Chuliporn Sopajareeya, Chompunut Sopajaree, Prof. Dr. OiSaeng Hong

Investigating the applicability of an intervention program to manage musculoskeletal disorders at the workplace – a pilot study
Eleni Grana, Styliani Tziaferi, Emmanouel Velonakis, Panayota Sourtzi

Occupational rehabilitation through social cooperatives of limited liability. The paradigm of the social cooperative of limited liability of Corfu
Grigorios Gkogkas, Vasilopoulou Elpida, Konstantinou Eleni, Sotirios Koupidis, Dimopoulou Maria


Buffet lunch, Exhibition & Poster Session


No parallel session organised


Afternoon Coffee Break, Poster viewing & Exhibition


Parallel Session 7.
Chair: Dr. Mária Téglásyné Bácsi (Hungary), Miklós Lukács (Hungary)

Risk Assessment Method for Biological Agents in Health Care (Biológiai kockázatbecslés módszertana az egészségügyben)
Dr. Mária Téglásyné Bácsi, Dr. Éva Grónai, Dr. Imre Nagy

The role of the Railway Medical Center Ltd in the Health Assessment to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all Railway employees (A Vasútegészségügyi Nonprofit Kiemelten Közhasznú Kft szerepe és jelentősége a munkaköri orvosi alkalmassági vizsgálatainak elvégzésében  a MÁV csoport munkavállalóinak munkahelyi egészsége és biztonsága megteremtésében)
Dr. Ibolya Pataki, Judit Földi, Gabriella Kovács, Mrs. Pálma Nagy Béláné

Health risks, occupational diseases and prevention for employees at beauty salons (Egészségkárosító kockázatok, megbetegedések és a prevenció lehetőségei a szépségszalonokban dolgozók körében)
Éva Pálvölgyi, Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD

Community nurses’ challenges and occupational health hazards associated with home health care (Körzeti ápolók kihívásai és foglalkozás-egészségügyi kockázatai a páciensek otthonában történő ellátások során)
Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD, Miklós Lukács, Ildikó Tóthné Bucsek, Dr. Zoltán Balogh PhD

Career model of occupational health nurses in Hungary (A foglalkozás-egészségügyi ápolók életpályamodellje)
Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi PhD, Dr. Zoltán Balogh PhD


Free time and preparing for the Congress Dinner


Banquet dinner

Friday, 26th of April, 2019 – Room Magnolia

09:00-10:30 Session 8.

Chair: Judith Fakkel-van den Berge (the Netherlands), Lotte Falck (Denmark)

Manual-visual inspection in a pharmaceutical company, what are the ergonomic risks?
Hanna Vertongen, Marc Duquet

Application of hospital ergonomics in working environment of wardnurses in health care industry of Uttarakhand, India
Prof. Promila Sharma

Workplace visits at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises by occupational health nurses: a practical case report
Mieke Raeijmaekers, An Houbrechts, Marc Beeldens

Measuring occupational health and safety in Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME)
Filip Pelgrims, Hilde De Raeve MD PhD, Liesbeth Reekmans, Kristien Johannik PhD, Lode Godderis MD PhD

Surgical smoke evacuation, how to accomplish a surgical smoke free work environment
Elisabeth S. Lundholm

Evaluation methodology of medical safety device
Rosa Maria Orriols-Ramos

10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:40 Session 9.

Chair: Gema Arévalo Alonso (Spain), Margaret Morrissey (Ireland)

Longest unemployed use primary healthcare services the least
Dr. Kirsi Lappalainen, Pauliina Mattila-Holappa, Kirsi Yli-Kaitala, Marja Hult, Kimmo Räsänen

Nurses’ transition into 12-hour shift work: validating the fit of a total worker health approach to risk reduction
Dr. Patricia Butterfield, Julie Postma, Lois James

The status of management and leadership of occupational health nurses in Finland
Pilvi Österman

How to disconnect from work during your holiday?
Elke Lauwers, Marc Duquet, Sofie Vandenbroeck

Introduction of the Hungary’s Comprehensive Health Care Screening Programme 2010-2020-2030
Dr. Zoltán Balogh, Gergely Dankovics, István Barna

Preliminary results and report on occupational health nursing in Europe 
Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi, Lotte Falck, Geert van Gent

12:40-13:30 Closing & Awards Ceremony
14:30-17:30 Budapest Sightseeing Tour – optional programme
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List of posters


Association of occupational noise exposure with cardiovascular diseases among career firefighters in Northern California, USA

Dal Lae Chin, OiSaeng Hong


Bullying among Portuguese nurses: comparative study between Azores Island and continental Portugal

Elisabete Borges, Cristina Queirós, Margarida Abreu, Tércio Maio, Antónia Teixeira


Burnout among nurses in Europe: A comparative study between Portugal, Spain and Italy

Elisabete Borges, Raffaella Ruggieri, Cristina Queirós, Maria Pilar Mosteiro, Elena Fiabane


Comparative study of 4 different airway management devices in Manikins by nurses

Argyro Chatzisotiriou, Maria Kapritsou, Styliani Tziaferi, Vassiliki Karra, Maria Kalafati


Cost-effectiveness analysis after implementation of fast-track protocol in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery

Maria Kapritsou, Maria Kalafati, Margarita Giannakopoulou, Styliani Tziaferi, Evangelos A. Konstantinou, Vassiliki Karra, Dimitrios P. Korkolis


Creating a GIS web application for efficient cost management and control of diagnostic imaging examinations

Dimitrios Zarakovitis, Dimitrios Tsoromokos, Styliani Tziaferi, Athina Lazakidou


Descriptive study of day care anaesthesia

Maria Kapritsou, Anastasia Alvanou, Maria Kalafati, Spiridoula Mperdousi, Christina Georgopoulou, Maria Koletsi, Anastasia Papathanasopoulou, Dimitra Vasilopoulou, Eunomia Vrachnou-Alexopoulou


Do perceptions of locus of control influence industrial workers’ engagement in occupational health and safety?

Julie M.C. Staun


Does working with a sit-stand desk improve musculoskeletal health?

Judith Fakkel-van den Berge


Evaluating error correlation between the use of digital pen & paper technology and the users satisfaction degree of the DPP4ICU application

Dimitrios Tsoromokos, Dimitrios Zarakovitis, Styliani Tziaferi, Athina Lazakidou


Evaluation of occupational health nurse’ interventions in the military vehicle maintenance repair factory

Melek Nihal Esin, Emine Aktaş, Mine Bahar


Evulation of occupational health nurses’ interventions in a health unit of University Campus

Melek Nihal Esin, Ayşe Dost, Emine Aktaş, Elif Üner


Geographical information systems and financial analysis of Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) for diagnostic purposes

Dimitrios Tsoromokos, Dimitrios Zarakovitis, Styliani Tziaferi, Athina Lazakidou


Humanitarian workers’ mental health; state of art and prevention of work disability

Jacinthe Douesnard, Grazia Ceschi, Lindsay Ouellet


Impact of an antenatal breastfeeding course in terms of breastfeeding knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy and perceived barriers among working, or not, pregnant women in Greece

Maria Iliadou, Katerina Lykeridou, Panagiotis Prezerakos, Styliani G Tziaferi


Influenza vaccination of healthcare workers: Overview of systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Panagiota Kalatzi, Maria Iliadou, Styliani Tziaferi


Investigating the users satisfaction degree of DPP4ICU application in the intensive care units of public hospitals

Dimitrios Tsoromokos, Dimitrios Zarakovitis, Styliani Tziaferi, Athina Lazakidou


Is night shift work associated with breast cancer risk among nursing staff?

Maria Iliadou, Panagiota Kalatzi, Styliani G. Tziaferi


Living with diabetes at the workplace: Implications for nurse education

Claire Farrugia Imbroll, Maria Cassar


Migrant workers re-joined wives’ perspective on health issues and social integration

Mirko Prosen, Sabina Ličen, Igor Karnjuš


Portuguese results of INT-SO: An international project about occupational health of Portuguese, Brazilian and Spanish nurses

Elisabete Borges, Cristina Queirós, Maria Pilar Mosteiro, Patricia Baptista, Vanda Felli, Margarida Abreu


Postoperative pain perception between nurses and oncological patients undergoing hepatectomy and pancreatectomy using visual analogue scale and observational & behavioral pain scales

Maria Kapritsou, Maria Kalafati, Margarita Giannakopoulou, Styliani Tziaferi, Dimitrios P. Korkolis, Tasoula Siskou, Vassiliki Karra, Evangelos A. Konstantinou


Professional quality of life of nursing and its relationship with patient safety: Analysis in Portuguese and Brazilian contexts

Edenise Maria Santos da Silva Batalha, Elisabete Maria das Neves Borges, Marta Maria Melleiro


Teamwork in operating room and its impact on patient safety and the personnel

Petros Kolovos, Styliani Tziaferi


The phenomenon of mobbing among health professionals in a Greek public hospital: A qualitative study

Aristotelis Koinis, Emmanouil Velonakis, Foteini Tzavella, Styliani Tziaferi


The vitality scan: Assessing workers’ health and lifestyle behavior and interests to build sustainable health and lifestyle policies in organizations

Nancy Doyen, Erik Carlier, Mathieu Verbrugghe


Work related quality of life and turnover intention of nursing staffs: A longitudinal study

Vasiliki Katsikavali, Dafni Kaitelidou, Chrysoula Lemonidou, Panayota Sourtzi


Industrial welfare nurse courses in Hungary between 1933 and 1945

Dr. Henriett Éva Hirdi