The 7th FOHNEU International Congress is open to everyone who would like to present recent and original results on any of the following topics.

1. Total Worker Health
  ▶ Healthy Working Environment
  ▶ Vocational Rehabilitation
  ▶ How to handle harassment and bullying?
  ▶ Wellbeing

2. Economic value of Occupational Health Nursing
  ▶ Cost-effective interventions

3. The role of Technologies in Occupational Health

4. Changing Workforce Demographics
  ▶ Migration an opportunity or threat?
  ▶ Ageing workforce
  ▶ Workforce with disabbilities
  ▶ Milleniles
  ▶ GIG economy
  ▶ Multinationality
  ▶ Diverstiy and inclusion

5. Management & Leadership

6. Research & Evidence Based Practice

7. Manage Dangerous Substances